Has Yoga Become a Talent Show?

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Lets face it, some of us can barely reach out toes, let alone perform some of the amazing feats we see on youtube or in pictures. For a lot of us, its more about the practice and how far we can push our own limits, but for some, it almost skyrockets them to celebrity status. In fact, when was the last time you saw something funny related to yoga online? Probably recently right? They were probably doing some crazy yoga pose too.

The colliding of Yoga and today’s culture of launching everyday people into instant celebrities is a fascinating thing. Nevermind the almighty guru debate, however relevant these days. We’re talking about the rise to yoga fame, rather than the road to reverence. When someone known as the Winnebago Man can become a national phenomenon via tirades on youtube for bringing us joy and comic relief, it’s not overly surprising that we raise our yoga teachers, the people who bring us joy and sometimes spiritual relief, to pedestals of celebrity status.

And as yoga grows in pop culture, the popular powers that be in the yoga world are taking it all to the next level. Yes, in yoga there is still The Man. Perhaps, The Yogi Man? And beyond the man is the machine. And what lies beyond the machine? The sparkle and shine of the Yoga Teacher Celebrity. If you need an agent, we know a guy. [source]

In all honesty, we all secretly hate the expert in the front of the class who can perform every move and do special tricks while warming up or cooling down after class. Ok, we get it, you’re awesome and we’re not. However, if you are the performer of such awesome feets, then kudos to you for becoming the human stretch armstrong. I’m jealous and I will envy you from a distance.

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Kaitlyn is an avid yoga goer. She regularly attends Bikram yoga and lives in sunny Southern California. When not doing yoga, she enjoys paddle boarding, playing indoor soccer and doing crossfit!

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